Open Records Requests

CORH Open Records Request Form 


  1. Public Records Inspection
    Non-exempt public records of the City of Ryland Heights may be inspected during the regular office hours of the City (10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., prevailing time, Monday through Friday, except for City holidays), provided that the City receives a written application therefore by hand delivery, mail or facsimile, which specifically describes the records to be inspected, and signed by the applicant, with the name of the applicant legibly printed thereon.
    If the public record is in active use, in storage or not otherwise available, the official custodian shall immediately notify the applicant and shall designate a place, time and date for inspection of the public records, not to exceed three (3) days from the receipt of the application, unless a detailed explanation of the cause is given for further delay and the place, time and earliest date on which the public records will be available for inspection is specified. The principal office of the City of Ryland Heights is at 10145 Decoursey Pike, Ryland Heights, Kentucky 41015. The title and address of the official custodian of the records of the City of Ryland Heights is the City Clerk, 10145 Decoursey Pike, Ryland Heights, Kentucky 41015.

  2. Copying of Public Records
    Copies of the public records of the City of Ryland Heights are available upon the receipt, by the City, of a written request to inspect and the advance payment of any required postage and a fee of $0.25 per page for copies for non-commercial purposes, and a $0.10 per page fee for copies for commercial purposes of the total of both: (1) the cost to the City of media, mechanical processing and staff required to produce a copy of the public record or records, and (2) the cost to the City of the creation, purchase or other acquisition of the record to be copied, as determined by the City Clerk.

  3. Each written request must contain the following:

    1. Specific description of records requested.
    2. Purposes of which copies are requested
    3. Printed name and full address of applicant
    4. Signature of applicant
    5. Date of application
    6. Telephone number of applicant
    7. Fees for making copies, payable in advance at the time of the application. (see fees above)