Kenton County PVA

Property assessment value and tax bill mailing information is provided to the City of Ryland Heights by the Kenton County PVA.

Questions concerning assessed values or exemptions (disability or homestead) should be directed to the PVA Office at 859/ 392-1750 or to

To change your mailing address for tax bills and any other related mailings pertaining to property evaluation, please contact Kenton County Property Valuation (PVA) at 859.392.1750 or online at A “Change of Address Form” will need to be completed and sent to PVA in order to update the county tax records.

If you have purchased a property within the current year, the tax bill may still be in the name of the previous owner or both owners may be referenced on the bill. In most cases, the seller of the property would have “paid” their portion of the tax bill to the purchaser of the property (or their escrow/mortgage company) at the time of the closing. This means the current owner of record is responsible for paying the entire tax bill. If you received a tax bill and you have an escrow please forward the tax bill to your escrow/mortgage company.

Questions concerning disability or homestead exemptions should be directed to the PVA Office at 859/ 392-1750 or to